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Apollo Beach 200963 viewsThis is the site of the Apollo Beach Manatee Art Festival 2009. The works of art in the foreground juxtapose nicely against the image of a pollution needles jabbing into our atmosphere.

The smoke stacks are gone now as the site has been raised and something else, probably equally intrusive, will be made in its' place. Maybe 2010 will have a new look in Apollo Beach, Florida.
FADadmin Send PMOct 02, 2010
12 viewsFADadmin Send PMMar 20, 2010
Apollo Beach 20108 viewsA picturesque setting beneath the Big Bend power plant in Apollo Beach, FL, the Apollo Beach 18th Annual Manatee Art Festival was a success and a great time. Culinary artists and musicians performed their arts right next to the eclectic and moving works of art by the painters and crafters set up for display.FADadmin Send PMMar 19, 2010
Miami Beach 201010 viewsThe 2010 Miami Beach art show was warm the first day and cold and rainy the next afternoon. Always time to find a beautiful shot though!FADadmin Send PMFeb 21, 2010


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