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Gulf Fritillary 9 viewsImage created from one of my own butterfly photos.Dana Helmig Send PM
Landscape - Florida Lagoon10 viewsAcrylic on canvas taken from one of my photos.Dana Helmig Send PM
Nesting Herons39 viewsPair of Herons nesting high in the pine trees over central Florida. Dawn Currie Send PM
Snowy Egret9 viewsEarly spring portrait of a Snowy Egret overlooking her nest. Her lovely bright-orange beak and green surrounding her eye show up beautifully against the snowy-white feathers and lush green foliage.Dawn Currie Send PM
My, Why Lovely Lashes!7 viewsPortrait of one of the exotic birds that call the Brevard Zoo their home. Dramatic long eyelashes and bright red cowl make this bird unique.Dawn Currie Send PM
Croc Pile2 viewsA bunch of crocodiles piled on top of one-another enjoying a nap in the afternoon Florida sunDawn Currie Send PM
Apollo Beach 20108 viewsA picturesque setting beneath the Big Bend power plant in Apollo Beach, FL, the Apollo Beach 18th Annual Manatee Art Festival was a success and a great time. Culinary artists and musicians performed their arts right next to the eclectic and moving works of art by the painters and crafters set up for display.FADadmin Send PM
Bird Watching Boy129 viewsA bird looks on, perhaps to discover the secrets of construction, as a boy builds a sand castle on a Siesta Key, Florida beach.FADadmin Send PM
A Pelican Pose257 views18" x 24" • Acrylics on canvas. Painting of an American Brown Pelican, sold.
Please contact the artist for limited edition prints.
Reneé King Send PM
Lone Sea Cow209 views24" x 36" H2 Oils on canvas. A painting of a manatee looking rather melancholy.Reneé King Send PM
Florida Artist Directory Logo72 viewsThe Florida Artist Directory logo displays a typical Florida setting with palm trees, bird of paradise plants, sunset through the palms photograph with various overlayed images of art shows throughout the state of Florida and a faint hibiscus flower laying over the sun setting in the middle.FADadmin Send PM
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