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Swan Nebula IV 18 x 1872 viewsThe Swan Nebula was found by the Hubble Telescope. It's just an amazing piece of God's handiwork up there, and I'm humbled to try to paint it!Patricia Campbell Send PM
Italian Flea Market6 viewsIts flea market day in Tuscany with original oil paintings and reproductions in gold frames; antiques of all varieties; and hundreds of pieces of decorative art crammed into the square at the center of town. Printed on canvas with gallery-wrap.Dawn Currie Send PM
NIGHT MAJESTY 30 x 30110 viewsWe were two among many watchers on the Cocoa Beach Pier that dark night when a hurricane was passing us by just off the east coast...Patricia Campbell Send PM
CRACK OF DAWN 36 x 48105 viewsFrom the safety of my home I gazed in wide-eyed wonder at the gathering storm, and wondered at the little ship at sea..."Patricia Campbell Send PM
NEW WORLD 12 x 12123 viewsWhat if...Patricia Campbell Send PM
A GOOD DAY 26 x 2274 viewsWe were walking on the beach at Cape Canaveral...Patricia Campbell Send PM
STAIRS 8 x 1079 viewsWe were walking through the old fort at St. Augustine...Patricia Campbell Send PM
JACOB'S LADDER 24 x 1875 viewsPatricia Campbell Send PM
Dawning of a New Day 23 x 2078 viewsEarly one morning, a hurricane was off the Florida coast...Patricia Campbell Send PM
POWER 36 x 3670 viewsPatricia Campbell Send PM
Illumination 54 x 54109 viewsLooks amazing with a light on it...Patricia Campbell Send PM
custom pet portrait3 viewsacrylic on woodCoralette Damme Send PM
Hardee Boy14 viewsoriginal painting acrylic on recycled wood
aprox 6 x 9 inches
Coralette Damme Send PM
Wind Sail25 viewsM. Joyce Athey Send PM
Boisterous Sea4 viewsM. Joyce Athey Send PM
Light for the Way2 viewsM. Joyce Athey Send PM
Chosen vessels5 viewsM. Joyce Athey Send PM
A Pelican Pose257 views18" x 24" • Acrylics on canvas. Painting of an American Brown Pelican, sold.
Please contact the artist for limited edition prints.
Reneé King Send PM
Enjoying the View556 views12" x 36" • H2 Oils on canvas. Painting of a lovebird in a tree, enjoying his freedom.Reneé King Send PM
Blue Violet18 views12" x 12" Oils on canvas. This painting has been sold, but limited edition prints are available from the artist.Reneé King Send PM
Gloriosa Lily13 views24" x 24" Oils on gallery wrap canvas. This piece is currently showing at the King Center Gallery.Reneé King Send PM
Stargazing24 views18" x 24" Oils on canvas. This piece is currently showing at the King Center Gallery.Reneé King Send PM
Yellow Orchid14 views12" x 12" Acrylics on Canvas. This painting has been sold, but limited edition prints are available at:
Reneé King Send PM
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