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Nesting Herons39 viewsPair of Herons nesting high in the pine trees over central Florida. Dawn Currie Send PM
Snowy Egret9 viewsEarly spring portrait of a Snowy Egret overlooking her nest. Her lovely bright-orange beak and green surrounding her eye show up beautifully against the snowy-white feathers and lush green foliage.Dawn Currie Send PM
My, Why Lovely Lashes!7 viewsPortrait of one of the exotic birds that call the Brevard Zoo their home. Dramatic long eyelashes and bright red cowl make this bird unique.Dawn Currie Send PM
Sadness19 viewsAcrylic on canva. Expressionist Style.Maximilian Rener Send PM
Portrait of Angel Galzerano11 viewsThe Uruguayan-Italian musician, songwriter and poet Angel Luis Galzerano GuidaMaximilian Rener Send PM
squid portrait5 viewsink illustration on watercolor paper
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
Coralette Damme Send PM
custom pet portrait3 viewsacrylic on woodCoralette Damme Send PM
Portrait of Galleo Galilei13 viewsPortrait of the famous Italian scientistMaximilian Rener Send PM
Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci13 viewsFamous self-portrait of Leonardo I realized under commission for a Doctor Studio.Maximilian Rener Send PM
Old Fisherman9 viewsDebbie Johnson Send PM
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