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Before4 viewsPatricia Campbell Send PM
Horse Face16 viewsI loved the pensive feel of this amazing creaturePatricia Campbell Send PM
Waiting for Tropical Storm Fay14 views24" x 36"Linda Graham Send PM
Sing15 views24" x 36"Linda Graham Send PM
Enchanted Forest21 views24" x 36"Linda Graham Send PM
Music23 views24" x 36"Linda Graham Send PM
Nesting Herons39 viewsPair of Herons nesting high in the pine trees over central Florida. Dawn Currie Send PM
Snowy Egret9 viewsEarly spring portrait of a Snowy Egret overlooking her nest. Her lovely bright-orange beak and green surrounding her eye show up beautifully against the snowy-white feathers and lush green foliage.Dawn Currie Send PM
Baskets20 viewsHandmade Italian baskets following centuries-old designs recycling the materials that are plentiful in the Tuscany region hung up on the stone wall of the town's central square.Dawn Currie Send PM
Contemplation1 viewsBlack and White study taken at Montecassino Abbey in central Italy. Taken after a light shower passed by with mist rising in the valley as the sun goes down and the brothers prepare for vespers. A lone individual contemplates the peaceful view as he is watched over by the saints.Dawn Currie Send PM
Italian Flea Market6 viewsIts flea market day in Tuscany with original oil paintings and reproductions in gold frames; antiques of all varieties; and hundreds of pieces of decorative art crammed into the square at the center of town. Printed on canvas with gallery-wrap.Dawn Currie Send PM
Italian Flower Market5 viewsFlower market that stands outside the gates of a memorial cemetery in Tuscany. Done in impressionism style, the brilliant array of flowers and stonework reflect beauty and light. Printed on canvas with gallery-wrap.Dawn Currie Send PM
Evening Light19 viewsTuscan vineyard/farm landscape created in impressionism style. Long shadows and brilliant highlights caused by the late afternoon light as the sun sets over TuscanyDawn Currie Send PM
Sadness19 viewsAcrylic on canva. Expressionist Style.Maximilian Rener Send PM
Portrait o Alfonsina Storni8 viewsThe melancholy look of the great Argentinean poetess Alfonsina Storni, looking for the last time the land, before joining the sea for ever.Maximilian Rener Send PM
squid portrait5 viewsink illustration on watercolor paper
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
Coralette Damme Send PM
dandy (detail)49 viewspartial image from 'dandy'
inspired by norwegian giant from circus sideshow
image aprox 9 x 12 inches
black ink on white rice paper
Coralette Damme Send PM
mantis apprentice2 viewsthe mantis studies to become magic
image aprox 12 x 16 inches
black ink on ivory rice paper
hand pulled linoleum block print
Coralette Damme Send PM
Cote d'azur18 viewsFrench Riviera, seascape, fisherman village.Maximilian Rener Send PM
Folk Singer in Okeechobee40 viewsTaken at the Top of the Lake Art Festival in Okeechobee FloridaFADadmin Send PM
Tea Pot with Flowers28 viewsThis tea pot belonged to my brother, He brought it back from Nam. I think of it as Zen time.Honor Martinez Send PM
Bowl of Fruit126 viewsThis was done with a glazing method. Honor Martinez Send PM
Copper Plate with fruit22 viewsThis reminds me of earlier times. It was a fun painting.Honor Martinez Send PM
Yellow Glory11 viewsI love the play of light on this painting. The vase and flower seem to glow with light. It was done on a 9 by 12 canvas panel with a palette knife.Honor Martinez Send PM
Still Life with Peppers 11 viewsAs I was setting up this still life, the yellow pepper fell over and the other two seemed to be looking down at it. So, I grabbed a knife and Voila. I almost named it "Yikes" . This was done on a 9 by 12 canvas panel.Honor Martinez Send PM
Reflections of an Orange14 viewsThe purple vase showed a beautiful reflection of the orange. This 9 by 12 oil was done on a canvas panel with a palette knife..Honor Martinez Send PM
Pink Rose9 viewsI love red and this pink rose taken from my husband's garden inspired me. I think the red background sets off it's beauty.Honor Martinez Send PM
Flower in a White Pitcher9 viewsFlowers always inspire an awe of the beauty of nature. This paintings enables you to view it in your home and be reminded of nature beauty.Honor Martinez Send PM
White Pitcher with Fruit15 viewsI love reflections! This still life with a white pitcher reminded me of an old one my mom had. Honor Martinez Send PM
Dream Seagull II2 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
From Down Under4 viewsCurrently on display at East Coast Coffee and Tea CompanyDawn Currie Send PM
Blast Off20 views24" x 30"Linda Graham Send PM
Friends24 views30" x 24"Linda Graham Send PM
Last Summer's Flowers33 views16" x 20"
Original sold - giclee available
Linda Graham Send PM
Avignon Go Green II22 views24" x 24"
Original sold - giclee available
Linda Graham Send PM
Croton Leaves22 views15" x 20"
Original sold - giclee available
Linda Graham Send PM
The Hunt20 views30" x 30"Linda Graham Send PM
Eternity22 views24" x 24"Linda Graham Send PM
Coming In For A Landing5 viewsCurrently on display at East Coast Coffee and Tea CompanyDawn Currie Send PM
Dream Seagull38 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Triumph Over Evil3 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Roof Tops3 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Scala de Sienna Triptek2 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Textures I2 viewsCurrently on display at East Coast Coffee and Tea CompanyDawn Currie Send PM
Hollenzollern Sentries0 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Basilica Papale de San Pietro0 viewsExterior and interior photographs of St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Dawn Currie Send PM
Castle Bridge0 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
Certosa6 viewsDawn Currie Send PM
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