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Tea Pot with Flowers28 viewsThis tea pot belonged to my brother, He brought it back from Nam. I think of it as Zen time.Honor Martinez Send PM
Bowl of Fruit126 viewsThis was done with a glazing method. Honor Martinez Send PM
Copper Plate with fruit22 viewsThis reminds me of earlier times. It was a fun painting.Honor Martinez Send PM
Yellow Glory11 viewsI love the play of light on this painting. The vase and flower seem to glow with light. It was done on a 9 by 12 canvas panel with a palette knife.Honor Martinez Send PM
Still Life with Peppers 11 viewsAs I was setting up this still life, the yellow pepper fell over and the other two seemed to be looking down at it. So, I grabbed a knife and Voila. I almost named it "Yikes" . This was done on a 9 by 12 canvas panel.Honor Martinez Send PM
Reflections of an Orange14 viewsThe purple vase showed a beautiful reflection of the orange. This 9 by 12 oil was done on a canvas panel with a palette knife..Honor Martinez Send PM
Pink Rose9 viewsI love red and this pink rose taken from my husband's garden inspired me. I think the red background sets off it's beauty.Honor Martinez Send PM
Flower in a White Pitcher9 viewsFlowers always inspire an awe of the beauty of nature. This paintings enables you to view it in your home and be reminded of nature beauty.Honor Martinez Send PM
White Pitcher with Fruit15 viewsI love reflections! This still life with a white pitcher reminded me of an old one my mom had. Honor Martinez Send PM
Last Summer's Flowers33 views16" x 20"
Original sold - giclee available
Linda Graham Send PM
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