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NIGHT MAJESTY 30 x 30110 viewsWe were two among many watchers on the Cocoa Beach Pier that dark night when a hurricane was passing us by just off the east coast...Patricia Campbell Send PM
CRACK OF DAWN 36 x 48105 viewsFrom the safety of my home I gazed in wide-eyed wonder at the gathering storm, and wondered at the little ship at sea..."Patricia Campbell Send PM
NEW WORLD 12 x 12123 viewsWhat if...Patricia Campbell Send PM
A GOOD DAY 26 x 2274 viewsWe were walking on the beach at Cape Canaveral...Patricia Campbell Send PM
STAIRS 8 x 1079 viewsWe were walking through the old fort at St. Augustine...Patricia Campbell Send PM
JACOB'S LADDER 24 x 1875 viewsPatricia Campbell Send PM
Dawning of a New Day 23 x 2078 viewsEarly one morning, a hurricane was off the Florida coast...Patricia Campbell Send PM
POWER 36 x 3670 viewsPatricia Campbell Send PM
Illumination 54 x 54109 viewsLooks amazing with a light on it...Patricia Campbell Send PM
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